Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tractor Tire Award of the week

A ongoing documentation of missing trailer scenes.

I hope you aren't expecting to see all those lights in the actual movie...

What I am hoping to have on a case by case basis is what I call the "Tractor Tire" award. A brief background on the tractor tire motif:

Back in the summer of 1996 a little film called "Twister" was released and was a big success. However, there was something missing in that final cut of the film that was present in the trailer. It was a first person view from inside a truck of a tractor tire hitting the windshield. This was used as a way to bookend the trailer and get people excited. Unfortunately it never made it into the movie as it was seen in the trailer. Check the following link to see this now infamous trailer.

Ever since then I have been on a lookout for such cases as that and this week the winner is "Predators". The scene shows Adrien Brody covered with predator targeting lights like he is surrounded by them. In the actual film however there is only a single beam aimed at his head. Check the following link for a word from Robert Rodriguez on why that happened.


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