Monday, September 6, 2010

Tractor Tire Award of the Week

A ongoing documentation of missing trailer scenes.

So that's what happened to Tom Savini...
If you got to see Machete in theaters this weekend then you probably know that this movie was not only filled to the brim with characters but it also had a total of 6 main villians for Machete to take down. That is a lot of bad guys to take out. And if you were very observant during the film you may have noticed that hitman Osiris played by Tom Savini who had a pretty pivotal scene near the end where he hurt our man Machete pretty bad literally vanished from the movie. No one mentions him and nobody seems to care, but if you take a look at that screenshot above you may get a hint at what might have happened to him.

Yes, that is our Tractor Tire shot of the week, this scene most likely led into Mr. Savini's demise but unless there is some sort of director's cut or deleted scene on DVD we may never know. To be honest, it didn't really bother me that he disappeared since there were plenty of other baddies to kill but once again we have a missing trailer scene. If you have read my review you will know that they tried very hard to keep in every scene from the original Grindhouse trailer in this movie, but as Miguel points out in the podcast, it is very ironic that then NEW trailer has a scene that didn't make it in. The Tractor Tire strikes again!


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