Friday, February 25, 2011

Top 5 Films Featuring - Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage

This list is in no particular order. These are just some of my favorite films that Nicolas Cage, the actor and star of the new film Drive Angry, has been in over the years that I enjoyed either solely because of him or it was a generally well made film. These picks are not the end all be all from his filmography for sure but everyone has their favorites and these are mine. Now, Cage as a leading man is a curiosity because he has picked some brilliant roles to play along with some brilliant films but he has also made some of the worst choices in history as well. As easy as it was for me to pick five of my favorites it would have actually been easier to pick my five worst for him. He has become a parody of himself which is kind of sad but who knows, maybe one day he will find his footing again...and pick a hair style that isn't ridiculous. At least he always surrounds himself with some of the best filmmakers in the business, just look at the directors he has worked with, amazing.


Without question the best of the American John Woo action films and the best Nicolas Cage action film to date. While this was most certainly a two man feature with John Travolta also turning in one of his best manic performances, this has to be my all time favorite mixture of serious Nick Cage and completely bug nuts crazy Nick Cage. He just exudes cool during the early scenes when he is playing the bad guy "Can I suck on your tongue?". The true brilliance of his work here though is how well he mimics Travolta's mannerisms. He just lets loose and doesn't miss a beat at any point. And you gotta love that mirror scene when he starts making that ridiculous face at himself, classic.


I want to say this was my first introduction to Nick Cage but I think that is a lie (That honor goes to Peggy Sue Got Married). However I think this was where I first started to notice him. This is not just a great Nick Cage flick though, it is also one of the best oddball comedies ever made. Which should come as no surprise to anyone that knows this was one of the early masterpieces from the acclaimed directing duo the Coen brothers. His panic ridden H.I. McDunnough is one of the most memorable film characters of all time. If ever there were a film where you couldn't imagine anyone else in the lead role it is this one. If you want to see why Nick Cage became the star he is today then you owe it to yourself to see this immediately.


From the makers of Being John Malkovich...that is all you really need to know about this film. It is a very hard film to put into words and I am not gonna lie to you, it has been a while since I have seen it myself. Nicolas Cage proves once again that he can pull that white rabbit out of the hat at a moments notice. Amidst many poor choices he seems to always have a knack for picking the golden goose when he needs it most. OK, enough with the animal analogies, Director Spike Jonze is an amazing filmmaker and along with writer Charlie Kaufman (whom Nick Cage plays as one of the twin brothers) they give him not one but two completely off the wall characters he has ever played in the same film. See it, you won't be disappointed.


I have a serious Bridget Fonda crush...or at least I used to back when she still made movies, what happened to her? Anyway, this film based off a true story is not amazing, fantastic or any other word that exclaims brilliance but it is in fact a very sweet and down to Earth little film. The story is an off duty police officer doesn't have enough money to give his waitress (Fonda) a tip so in turn, thinking he has no chance in hell of winning, he promises to split the winnings on the lottery ticket he just purchased. And wouldn't you know it, he wins. I thought the two of them had some really great chemistry together and this is one of my all time favorite romance films. If you wanna see Nick Cage in something a tad more realistic where he plays a normal everyday guy then this is the film for you. Plus you get to see Rosie Perez be the bitch she was always meant to play.


It's funny to think that one of my favorites of his would be a film about con men. Funny because I feel as though as an actor he has been playing us all on one long con. We know he can be a great actor but for some reason he likes to pretend he isn't most of the time. Thankfully he hooked up with Director Ridley Scott for this rather harmless but entertaining film about a man that has been living a lie his whole life and never looked back until the day he discovers he has a daughter. You can do no wrong with this pick, Nick Cage is on point and turns in a very heartfelt performance and you get some great Sam Rockwell moments as well. Great fun with nothing but some of the best professionals in Hollywood doing what they were meant to do, entertain us.


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