Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The LRA Show: Ep. 3 - Your Highness

This week we embark on a quest to discover if the film "Love & Other Drugs" may have been better realized as a two minute trailer, whether or not "Due Date" and "MacGruber" are worthwhile comedies, if I can pronounce the name of the actress in the new revenge flick "Hanna" and how little AMC theater employees know about their new ETX enhanced auditoriums. We conclude our journey with a discussion on the new fantasy/comedy "Your Highness" where we determine that not all quests are meant to be intellectual endeavors. Featured music this week is from the "Your Highness" motion picture soundtrack.

Stay tuned for our next episode where we will be discussing the new entry into the Scream series LIVE at Ustream.com. Join us there Monday April 18th at 9 pm (pacific standard time).

Episode Time Codes:

Opening discussions           - 00:01:40
Your Highness                    - 00:24:40
Spoiler Section                   - 00:42:10
Closing comments              - 01:00:30

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