Thursday, March 22, 2012

The LRA Show Ep. 47 - 21 Jump Street / The FP

This week we are straight up 2-strappin' as we explore two completely different approaches to comedy. First we try to figure out if The FP is some sort of trashy cinema masterpiece or if it is just plain trash and then we jump on over to 21 Jump Street for a discussion on the surprisingly funny re-imagining of the old 80s television cop drama. We also find some time (A LOT OF TIME) to discuss the merits and drawbacks of the excessive violent acts depicted in HBOs Game of Thrones. Featured music this week is from the "21 Jump Street" motion picture soundtrack (which is not available at this time).

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Episode Time Codes:

Opening discussions         - 00:01:15
The FP                                   - 00:37:30
Spoiler Section                    - 00:59:20
21 Jump Street                   - 01:13:15
Spoiler Section                    - 01:30:00
Closing comments             - 01:42:55



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