Thursday, January 10, 2013

The LRA Show Ep. 84 - Top Films of 2012

Join us as we take the year that was 2012 out with a bang as we go over the top 12 biggest box office winners, our favorite films of the year, the worst films of the year, our biggest surprises and our biggest disappointments in this epic end of the year episode that should not be missed. Also stick around for our yearly montage filled with some of our best moments and highlights of the LRA Show in the year that the world did not end, 2012. Featured music this week is from the "Life of Pi" & "Cloud Atlas" motion picture soundtracks as well as music supplied by

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Episode Time Codes:

Introductions                                              - 00:00:45
Top 12 Grossing Films of 2012             - 00:05:50
Biggest Surprises/Disappointments   - 00:10:00
Worst Films of 2012                                - 00:27:00
Top Films of 2012                                     - 01:08:30
Closing comments                                   - 02:50:15
LRA Show Montage 2012                        - 03:07:30

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