Sunday, May 17, 2015

Trailer Watch: "Southpaw" Trailer #1

Trailer Watch is a first reaction viewing of the featured trailer (by me) where I give some light commentary and opinions on it. Trailers are a big deal, they are the first real impression a movie has on people and can have a huge impact on its success or failure which is why it is important for a studio to cut together the best possible trailer they can. While I do have some expectations or even some insight into many of the film trailers presented here, please take it all with a grain of salt and make your own opinion from what is shown (that is why I insist you see the trailer first each time). Most of all though, kick back and see if you agree with my off the cuff reactions. Watch the trailer and listen to my reaction after the break.

I am not much of a sports person. I can enjoy the odd sports event now and then but overall watching other people play a game I have no personal investment in (i.e. someone I know is playing it) is just a big bore. But sports films on the other hand can be extremely engrossing if done right. How can you tell a good sports movie from a bad one? The first key is that the movie is about the characters more than it is about the sport. As soon as it becomes a technical examination of whichever sport is the subject I check out. The second key is to know just how much of the sport to feature, we need to see our characters overcome their obstacles using their talents, but once again it should never be just about the sport. The new film Southpaw, a film about a boxer trying to recover from a huge personal loss, looks like it has what it takes but can it be a real contender? Check out my reaction to the trailer now.

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