Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Bits and Flicks - Episode 1

Welcome to our very first episode of Bits and Flicks, the podcast for gamers who love movies! We kickstart everything with an introduction to our podcast format and then dive headfirst into the fray with Bits where we discuss anything and everything game related with our resident game guru Jake (aka Madcap). After that I take over as we delve into Flicks where we go over the latest in tv and movie news and I give my thoughts on the new Batman V Superman movie. Apologies for the length but we are just getting our bearings and will hopefully reduce future episodes to a more easily digestible size. Hope you enjoy it and make sure to subscribe to receive all future episodes immediately! Listen to the latest episode after the break.

Episode notes:

New Releases:                                5:50
Videogame News:                        31:45
What We've Been Playing:           55:20

Trailers:                                       1:20:25
TV/Film News:                            1:35:30
What We've Been Watching:    1:50:15


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