Sunday, July 31, 2016

Bits and Flicks - 7/28/16

For this episode of Bits we discuss what could be a glorious return to form with the newly announced Sonic Mania but then instantly question our enthusiasm with the announcement of Project Sonic. Then we have a ton of Nintendo news to dissect including the reveal of the NES Mini, a possible release date for Nintendo's next game console the NX and even some rumors about what the system might encompass. Finally we go over what we have been playing with Madcap reliving the old days in the B-movie inspired Earth Defense Force 4.1 and the Steam version of Kingdom Rush Frontiers while I give Overwatch some more well deserved praise as well as confess to my addiction to the global phenomenon Pokemon Go.

Then in Flicks we delve deep into all the trailers and news that came out of this years San Diego Comic Con. With so much to talk about like the new Justice League and Wonder Woman trailers as well as some surprising announcements such as who will play Captain Marvel and some really bad news for all you Divergent fans, we have decided to excise the What We've Been Watching segment so that we can cover all this other juicy news. Don't worry, next episode we will be back to normal but for now jump in and find out everything you need to know. All that and much more in this weeks Bits and Flicks!

Be sure to visit our Youtube channels at Gaming with Dweavis and Madcap888 to see what we have been playing and listen to the latest Bits and Flicks podcasts along with finding subscription links after the break.

New/Upcoming Releases: 1:30
Videogame News: 26:00
What We've Been Playing: 36:00

Trailers: 2:30
TV/Film News: 35:00
What We've Been Watching: N/A

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