Thursday, May 18, 2017

Update and basic info on future site plans...

Hello there, this is David the primary (and only) contributor to Lights Remote Action. I know updates have been slow to almost nothing these past months but I wanted to reassure everyone that I have not abandoned the site nor the podcast for Bits and Flicks. I am currently working on a brand new blog/website that will replace this fairly old and crusty one. Hopefully this will happen sooner rather than later as I am not a programmer and generally have to do a ton of research for every single little thing I create. For now though you can still listen to the Bits and Flicks podcast with Jake "Madcap" Wicks and myself as well as visit my Youtube channel for any new videos I have posted. You can find links to all of those things below this post. I will make a formal announcement when it is time to make the switch official. Until then I thank you for your time and hopefully the wait will be worth it.

Youtube channel: Gaming with Dweavis

                    To subscribe to the show click any link below:

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