Monday, August 23, 2010

Home & Theater Podcast Episode 1

Welcome to our premiere podcast episode! This is hopefully the beginning of a weekly thing with us discussing what we have seen over the week and pointing out some things to look out for that you might not have otherwise heard of. For our first episode we decided to do a summer movie recap starting from what was released in the month of May through the beginning of August. That has always been the summer movie season schedule so we stuck to that for our discussion.

One last note, there may be a couple of very minor spoilers (mostly for Scott Pilgrim at the end of the show) and although our first episode runs a whopping hour and forty five minutes, our future shows will hopefully be half that size.  This one ran long due to the amount of movies we covered. So without further ado, go ahead, download it, and hopefully enjoy it. And we hope to see you back next week for the next episode.

P.S. Please forgive any minor technical difficulties you may come across, we are still smoothing out a lot of wrinkles. Don't be afraid to let us know what you think in the comments section either...did you agree or disagree with our thoughts? Were we spot on or did we have some kind of foreign object up our behinds? Did you even care?


To get past episodes and subscribe to the podcast click either of the following links: 
Official Home and Theater Podcast


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