Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Paul - Fast Forward Preview

Looking ahead...

Release Date: March 18, 2011

Pegg & Frost with their Alien counterpart Paul.

I have been waiting for Simon Pegg and Nick Frost to reunite for almost 4 years now, man...has it really been that long since Hot Fuzz? In any case the wait is finally over or should I say it will soon be over because their new film together "Paul" is just around the corner. However, as happy as I am to have them back together I would be remiss not to mention my issues with what is seen in the trailer. This is of course all based on what is seen in the trailer (located below) but I believe that what is shown here is pretty telling of what the finished product will resemble.

Now, I am still very excited to see Paul but that is only because of Pegg & Frost, the underlining idea also sounds funny but I can't say any of the actual footage in the trailer struck me as funny. If you haven't seen the trailer yet the story is about these two really good friends that happen to be huge comic-book geeks that are on a road trip whom encounter an actual Alien named Paul in the middle of the desert one night. They take him in and eventually are on the run trying to protect Paul and hi-jinks ensue. The voice of Paul is done by Seth Rogen whom I have enjoyed in many of his past roles but lately I feel as though he has a hard time not playing the same character. Sure he is an Alien here but strangely enough he still feels like Seth Rogen more so than an Alien being.

With that being said I do really like the cast they assembled here. The aforementioned dynamic duo of Pegg/Frost is the main draw but the supporting actors has some real stand outs as well. Jason Bateman, Sigourney Weaver, Bill Hader, and the wonderful Kristen Wiig just to name a few. Those actors plus the premise leads me to be hopeful for the film despite the lack of laughs found in the trailer. The director, Greg Mottola was the man behind Superbad which I was not a big fan of and Adventureland which was a strange film for sure but a much better one than his previous work in my humble opinion. I guess I would surmise that I am eagerly awaiting Paul next year but have my reservations, here is hoping the power of Pegg & Frost will prevail.

Trailer for Paul:


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