Monday, November 1, 2010

Tractor Tire Award of the week

A ongoing documentation of missing trailer scenes.

Let Me In

Why was this removed dam it?

There is a point in the film Let Me In where Abby, the vampire, enters into her friend Owen's room late at night. She undresses and gets into his bed where she proceeds to embrace him while they proceed to have a discussion. The scene ends with them going to sleep and the next day she gone and she has left a note for Owen. Well, it appears that there was another scene that was supposed to take place before that which can be seen in the image above. It looks as though she had over slept and forgot that Owen's room is not protected from the sunlight and she gets woken up in a bad way. As you can see in the next image below here she starts to get burnt by the sun.

I don't know why this scenes removal bothers me so much but I guess it is because it looked as though it added a little more complication to their predicament which is then later elaborated in that is in the actual film itself. In any case, you don't really lose anything by it not being there but it stood out to me when I first saw the trailer and once again I awaited its arrival. Maybe we will get to see it on the Blu-ray when it gets released eventually. Also, just for some shits and giggles I put a comparison shot of the missing scene from the American trailer and the International trailer...I just love how America is so P-whipped that we cannot handle a little girl with blood on her mouth in a dam trailer...for shame America.

This is from the American trailer...
...and this is from the International trailer, see the difference?


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