Thursday, March 23, 2017

Bits and Flicks - 3/14/17

Hello and welcome to Bits and Flicks! This episode of we have some news regarding the new Pokemon movie, the reveal of the Outlast 2 release date, No Man's Sky developer Hello Games becoming a publisher and what all is included in the latest PS4 4.5 update. Then I give a more in depth impression on the new open world PS4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn before Jake breaks down everything you want to know about the Nintendo Switch including his impressions on the highly anticipated Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild..

Then for Flicks we have atomic blondes who kick ass, the return of everyones favorite merc with a mouth deadpool, a new actor taking the Star Trek captain's seat, when winter will finally arrive for Game of Thrones and then finally, I will breakdown what happens when a group of Vietnam soldiers faceoff against King Kong! All that and plenty more await your eager ears in this episode of Flicks! All that and more in this episode of Bits and Flicks!

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