Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Official Home and Theater Podcast

Episode 18: The Green Hornet & Exit Through The Gift Shop

This week we start off with giving our opinions on not just the Golden Globe winners but the award show itself. From there I talk about the romantic comedy "Letters To Juliet", Miguel gives his impressions on the documentary "Exit Through The Gift Shop" and we end with a discussion on the new super hero/action film "The Green Hornet". Music featured this week would be from the motion picture soundtrack to "The Green Hornet" but apparently that doesn't exist. In any case, music this week is from the artists "Coolio" & "Jay Chou" which are both featured in the film. Enjoy!


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Brian said...

I saw Letters to Juliet with a girl I was dating at the time. Dear god it sucked. The main guy was a complete A HOLE and at the end they fall in love? WTF... he was an ass a day earlier.


David Weaver said...

Yeah, I mentioned that in the podcast and a little bit in my review of it. I thought it was a perfectly serviceable romantic comedy. I thought most of it worked because Amanda Seyfried though. I can't say you are wrong though, that guy was a jerk, but not as bad as her fiance.

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