Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Official Home and Theater Podcast

The Home & Theater Podcast will be ending it's 8 month run in the coming weeks as we transfer over to our brand new podcast which we will have more details on in the next couple of weeks leading up to its debut episode. So stay tuned and most importantly keep listening so that you aren't left behind when the transition happens. And of course thank you all for your continued support of the show.
Episode 25: 
Battle Los Angeles, Rango & White Dog

We are back after an unexpected week off and boy do we have some stuff to cover. We welcome back a loyal supporter, contributor and friend of the show Brian Salazar of The SEC this week as well. I start us off with some quick comments on both "The Adjustment Bureau" and "Red Riding Hood". Miguel goes into the benefits and some of the drawbacks to the new multimedia set-top Roku Box. After that I gush about my love for just about everything "Rango" related. Miguel discovers many of the underlying messages in the recent Criterion release "White Dog". Then the three of us jump into the fight for L.A. with our main discussion for the new alien invasion war film "Battle: Los Angeles". Featured music this week is from the "Rango" motion picture soundtrack.

Episode Time Codes:

Miscellaneous discussions           - 00:02:30
Rango                                         - 00:22:45
White Dog                                   - 00:39:55
Battle: L.A. (Non spoiler section)   - 00:52:15
Battle: L.A. (Spoiler section)         - 01:10:30


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