Thursday, January 26, 2012

The LRA Show Ep. 39 - Haywire / Red Tails

Our first episode for the new year is full of miscommunication as we struggle to determine what movie we were actually supposed to see this week. So we find ourselves talking about the unfortunate mishap known as Red Tails and as a first for this podcast I step aside (since I did not see the movie) and let both Brian and our new regular guest of the show James discuss what it was exactly that made this George Lucas passion project such a chore to sit through. Luckily we also saw Steven Soderbergh's new spy thriller Haywire. While we didn't all agree on the film as a whole we all came to the conclusion that MMA superstar Gina Carano can kick some serious ass. Also be on the look out for the return of my Netflix Instant Stream Movie of the Week and a quick discussion on the newly released 2012 Oscar Nominations. Featured music this week is from the "Haywire" motion picture soundtrack.

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Episode Time Codes:

Opening discussions          - 00:01:00
Red Tails                                - 00:17:35
Haywire                                   - 00:46:20                 
Spoiler Section                      - 01:07:45
Closing comments               - 01:18:00



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