Monday, February 6, 2012

Tractor Tire Award of the Week - Chronicle

Have you ever watched a trailer and had that one scene, that one shot that made you go "Wow, that was cool!"? Or maybe there was something you saw that stuck with you, something that for some reason was in the back of your head and despite how insignificant it was you were waiting for it to show up in the final cut of the film. But when you watched the movie that scene was nowhere to be found or has been altered in a significant way. Well, that is what the Tractor Tire Award of the Week is all about. We try to track down those scenes that didn't make it into the final version of the film and make sense of them. Where in the film was it supposed to be? Why might it have been cut? Why has it been changed? We may not always have the answers for you but at least you will have your piece of mind and know that you aren't crazy. So, this weeks award goes to Chronicle!

Cut Scene #1-A
I don't remember Ashley getting naked?

Cut Scene #1-B
Matt attacks Ashley with a wooden spoon.

Given the type of film Chronicle is it isn't too much of a surprise that there were a couple scenes used in the trailer that didn't make it into the final cut. It wasn't surprising because these types of films always feel pieced together in a way that actually benefits from appearing like chopped up footage. What is surprising is that this is apparently the ONLY scene that did get cut. What we got here is a scene between Matt and Ashley after they had gotten together which places this squarely in the later half of the film since they didn't get together until after the talent show scene. This appears to be the usually morning after hijinks with Matt chasing an almost completely undressed Ashley around the house with what appears to be a cooking utensil. Does this scene matter? Not really. It looks like it was just there to confirm to the audience that the two of them slept together (which was actually never made clear in the final cut). The real reason it doesn't matter though is that the relationship between Matt and Ashley is near pointless compared to the bigger story with Andrew. I can't say the movie would have benefited from its inclusion into the final cut so I will say good riddens and this looks like it was a smart cut to me.

Chronicle trailer:
Cut scene at 1:05


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