Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The LRA Show Ep. 56 - Men in Black 3 / Chernobyl Diaries

As May comes to a close, so does the reign of box office giant The Avengers which causes much speculation among us as to how the rest of the summer will play out. Soon after that we lament the decision to push G.I. Joe: Retaliation back to 2013 and ponder over the sudden release date push by Ted to fill that gap. Then we try to determine what exactly that 6 minute sneak peek of the new Spider-man was all about, what we each feel defines a true 3D experience, suspicious casting choices for the follow up to The Hunger Games, Kristen Wiig's decision to leave SNL, the BBC series Sherlock and its unfortunate American redo, Brian's fist experience with Men in Black 2 and some trailer reactions from his theatrical experience. Then we have James give his thoughts on the recent horror film Chernobyl Diaries as well as our main discussion on the better-late-than-never third installment to the popular(?) series, Men in Black 3. Featured music this week is from the "Men in Black 3" motion picture soundtrack.

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Episode Time Codes:

Opening discussions           - 00:01:10
Chernobyl Diaries                 - 00:47:20
Men in Black 3                       - 01:13:10
Closing comments               - 01:51:00



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