Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The LRA Show Ep. 58 - Prometheus

Before we get into our discussion on the latest from director Ridley Scott, Brian and myself discuss the intricacies of Piranha 3DD and who had the worst theater experience of the week. We also find time to talk about the general audience reaction to the Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter trailer, the History Channel's very first scripted mini-series Hatfields & McCoys and our reaction to the trailer for Ang Lee's upcoming film Life of Pi. Then we launch right into our main discussion for the new Sci-Fi film Prometheus where we engage in some lengthy talks about some of its deeper meanings and whether or not it truly is a prequel to the 1979 film, Alien. Featured music this week is from the "Prometheus" motion picture soundtrack.

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Episode Time Codes:

Opening discussions           - 00:01:20
Prometheus                           - 00:49:25
Spoiler Section                      - 01:21:00
Closing comments               - 01:59:45



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