Thursday, October 17, 2013

The LRA Show 120 - Captain Phillips / Machete Kills

This week we are running a two man crew but yet we still find a ton of subjects to talk about. First up is our usual top 12 for the week, some entertainment news and then we lead into our two main films for the week, "Machete Kills" and "Captain Phillips". Also included in the mix is a discussion on how "Gravity" is continuing to stay afloat despite a large number of people hating on it, our very first Halloween Treat of the Week for this year and an all new segment where James' goes off the rails, but on purpose. Featured music this week is by...well, just listen to it and you will find out sooner or later.

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Episode Time Codes:

Introductions                                            - 00:00:45
Weekend Top 12 with Brian                  - 00:02:15
Reactionary News with James             - 00:12:00
Open discussions                                   - 00:27:00
Machete Kills                                           - 01:24:30
Captain Phillips                                       - 01:44:35
Closing comments                                 - 02:17:00

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