Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The LRA Show 128 - American Hustle / Her / Anchorman 2

As we get ever closer to the end of the year, bigger profile and Oscar hopeful style films begin to pour in and we review a handful of them here for you this week. Starting things off, James and myself play catch up with our discussion on "Saving Mr. Banks", then I discuss the new Spike Jonze film "Her", James chimes in with his thoughts on "American Hustle" and finally, I let you know whether or not the new sequel "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues" keeps it classy or not. Featured music this week is from the motion picture "Mary Poppins".

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Episode Time Codes:

Introductions                                            - 00:01:05
Weekend Top 12 with Brian                  - 00:02:00
Reactionary News with James             - 00:00:00
Open discussions                                   - 00:11:30
Saving Mr. Banks                                     - 00:40:00
Her                                                              - 01:08:45
American Hustle                                     - 01:33:30
Anchorman 2                                          - 01:47:45
Closing comments                                 - 02:06:00

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