Saturday, March 7, 2015

Trailer Watch: "Clown" UK Trailer #1

Trailer Watch is a first reaction viewing of the featured trailer (by me) where I give some light commentary and opinions on it. Trailers are a big deal, they are the first real impression a movie has on people and can have a huge impact on its success or failure which is why it is important for a studio to cut together the best possible trailer they can. While I do have some expectations or even some insight into many of the film trailers presented here, please take it all with a grain of salt and make your own opinion from what is shown (that is why I insist you see the trailer first each time). Most of all though, kick back and see if you agree with my off the cuff reactions. Watch the trailer and listen to my reaction after the break.

About two years ago there was a fake trailer released for a horror film called Clown. It was notable for a number of reasons, the first being the fact that the people responsible for the trailer had the audacity to put horror filmmaker Eli Roth's on the trailer who, at that time, had absolutely nothing to do with it. The other notable thing about it is just how darned good it looked, which is why so many people were fooled by it. Well, in a strange twist of fate Eli Roth, who saw the trailer and loved it, has funded the people who made it so they could make it for real and they have done just that. Check out my reaction to the (real) trailer now.

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