Monday, April 11, 2016

Bits and Flicks - Episode 2

This episode in Bits we cover some New Releases including Dark Souls 3 and the Steam version for Star Wars Rogue Squadron. In videogame news we reveal the free PSN games for the month of April as well as discussing the new Final Fantasy demo and the Doom 4 open beta.

In Flicks we go over the latest movie trailers including the new Rogue One: A Star Wars Story trailer and the extremely bizarre new Daniel Radcliffe film Swiss Army Men. In movie/tv news we cover the shake up going on at Warner Bros. after the disappointing box office for Batman V Superman and the surprising decision to bring back the Mythbusters so soon after it concluded. We then wrap everything up with a quick discussion on the final Paranomral Activity movie and I give my two cents on the entirety of The Walking Dead season 6 along with my review for the new FPS inspired action film Hardcore Henry.

Listen to the full episode, get episode notes and subscription links after the break.

Episode notes:

New Releases:                                   0:50
Videogame News:                              8:40
What We've Been Playing:              29:00

Trailers:                                           42:00
TV/Film News:                              1:07:00
What We've Been Watching:       1:21:00

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