Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Official Home & Theater podcast

Episode 2: Piranha 3D, Gattaca and more...

Welcome to our second episode where we finally begin to hit our stride. This week is we move into what will be our usual format with discussions on what we have seen during the week. Miguel talks about some oldies but goodies with "Frailty" and "Gattaca" while I talk about my love for the TV show "The Shield". My bloodthirsty nature comes out as well when I talk about "The Crazies" and "Piranha 3D". We wrap things up with a quick discussion about when, if or ever a animated film will win for best picture of the year.

To get past episodes and subscribe to the podcast click either of the following links: 
Official Home and Theater Podcast


Brian said...

Link doesn't see to work

David Weaver said...

Really? That's really strange. It is working on my end. Um, not sure what kind of troubleshooting to do on that. What browser/OPS are you using?

Brian said...

Google Chrome.
I see the first podcast link

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