Friday, September 3, 2010

Drew: The Man Behind the Poster - Fast Forward Preview

Release Date: Unknown
Recognize any of these...?

Those are just a few of the many posters that artist and illustrator Drew Struzan has done during his career. He has been responsible for all the posters in the Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, and Star Wars movies. As you can see from the few examples provided he has done vastly more work than most people think. The true crime is that not very many people realize that it was one man that was responsible for the images we remember when looking back at some of our childhood (if your childhood revolved around the 80's that is) memories of our favorite movies. This new documentary hopes to resolve that issue.

I am so happy that people will finally get to know the man behind all those works of movie art. Some may say "Bah, their movie posters, what's the big deal", the big deal is that they are connected to such treasured film classics like the aforementioned movies plus many more (check out his site at the link below). It is also important to note that all his work is done by hand and is unmatched (look at the later Harry Potter films to see how poor those posters got once he stopped doing them). Plus, if you have access to the movie "The Mist" there is a nice little mini-documentary on him in the special features for it (he did the poster for the film). Whenever this film is released I highly recommend it due mainly to the pedigree of the man. Just check out the trailer to see who all in Hollywood revere him and I bet if you are a film fan like me, you will too.

Click here to see more of Drew Struzan's work.

Drew: The Man Behind the Poster trailer:


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