Wednesday, August 21, 2013

JB Visits the FP

It's been over 1 year since the Trost Brothers introduced the world to The FP, their ridiculous film and ode to classic cheeseball 80's cinema featuring two rival gangs who play the dancing video game Beat Beat Revelation to determine who runs the local liquor store and in turn who runs the FP, also known as Frazier Park.

While most films that we, here at Lights, Remote, Action, see each year fade from memory or into obscurity, The FP remains a constant recurring metaphor for films we love to hate and hate to love. It's legacy has lived on through nearly each episode of The LRA Show since we reviewed it last year, but for one of us, that legacy wasn't enough.

James (not the musician) Blunt, our resident comic book enthusiast, lore master and generally the voice of reason on the show, has taken it upon himself to visit the real life FP during his summer vacation. What you will find below are photos taken by James himself during his visit to Frazier Park as well as a the actual podcast episode where James goes over each photo and his experiences in the FP with Brian and myself.

If you are either a fan of the film or just want to hear what made the highly respected and outspoken detractor for The FP movie take a trip to the middle of nowhere, then all you have to do is click that play button down below and follow along as James takes you, and us, on a trip through Frazier Park, California.


LRA Extra - James' Summer Vacation

(Press play to follow along)

Welcome to Frazier Park (The FP).  Note the city’s only signal light.

Close-up of the Frazier Park sign.

The FP’s only gas station.

The law in the FP – the Sheriff’s station.

Side view of Koko’s Frazier Mt Hotel – I think it’s a double wide trailer!

Approaching the best restaurant in town – Big John’s.

Passing Big John’s…. they closed at 2:30 pm!

The Sub Shack – I had to pass on this one.

Where did the paved road go?

Off roading in the FP.

No sidewalks or nothing….

Beautiful blue sky… and dirt roads.

Nice lawn, nice dirt wall (reflection off my windshield)

Is that a house? A tiny house?

The mobile home is nicer than some of the houses.

This is what they call a fixer upper.

When you run out of space inside, throw the junk outside.

Anyone need a door?

The one market in the FP.

Nice view from the parking lot of the market.

Lots of SUV’s in the market parking lot – and one down the road.

Frazier Park…. Park.


Photo taken on a bench, under a tree.  Peaceful J


Guy feeding ducks.

See the Ferris wheel between the trees?

Guys fishing – and catching!

Perfectly shaded spot on an 83 degree day.

Gotta get off this bench.

Very nice library in the background, Recreation Center to the right.

Close-up of the library.

Frazier Park post office ahead, Frazier Park Mountain Road in the rear view.

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