Monday, May 19, 2014

That Film Podcast - "Some Things You Let Go"

It is Godzilla's 60th birthday and to help celebrate his birth of becoming not only the King of the Monsters, but a bonefide movie icon, we are reviewing America's latest attempt to right the wrong that was the 1998 travesty of the same name. Also up for discussion are some interesting comments from both Bryan Singer and James Franco along with a good dose of Game of Thrones talk. Remember to subscribe to the podcast through itunes and our channel through Youtube.

Watch our video reviews and get the episode time code after the break.

Episode Time Codes (AUDIO ONLY):

Introductions                                          - 00:02:05
Weekend Top 12 with Brian                  - 00:04:00
Reactionary News with James               - 00:15:00
Open discussions                                   - 00:30:00
Godzilla                                                 - 00:45:00
Spoiler section                                       - 01:20:00

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